Modern bathroom in luxury home

What We Do

Handyman and Home Maintenance
Our broad experience in all areas of handyman and home maintenance services allows for quick problem solving, simple solutions, and an efficient use of time to minimize cost, while providing high-quality workmanship.

For large projects, our design-build approach focuses on up-front planning, product selection, and procurement of long lead-time materials. This helps to reduce the amount of time we are on-site, refines budgets prior to start of construction, and keeps the project moving smoothly.

Our eye for design and attention to detail allow us to offer unique services such as trim installations, custom woodworking, and home entertainment centers.

Design and Pre-Construction Planning
Combined with our remodeling services, design and pre-construction planning helps you to prepare your project budget, select materials, and ensures your final product is in-line with your vision. We also offer stand-alone design services to help you define your project and budget prior to soliciting bids from multiple contractors or preparing for a project you intend to construct yourself.